Fun Things To Do On St John Island

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6183306203_94cc07a7e1_oOf all the places to visit in the US Virgin Islands, St John Island is reportedly the best, offering visitors of all ages many things to do. Three quarters of this island treasure in the Caribbean is managed by the Virgin Islands National Park, protecting the dense hiking forests, white sandy beaches and calm, crystal clear water from future development. You can travel to St John Island and see it in the same pristine state that people have been experiencing for hundreds of years.

Many holiday makers may be wondering what they can get up to on their visit to St John island and booking yourself into Accommodation St Johns US virgin islands can make life a lot easier when on the island for sightseeing. In this article we’ve listed some of the fun things to do while you’re visiting.

  • Boat rentals and charters. You could be out on the water by going to any number of boat rental places in Cruz Bay, Coral Bay or at Cinnamon Bay in the VI National Park. You can rent a motor boat to go your own way, schedule a chartered vessel or take a leisurely sail and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
  • One of the most popular activities in St John is the National Park hiking trails. With nearly two dozen well maintained trails ranging from beginner to intermediate, the island has the perfect hiking trail for you.
  • Scuba diving. You can experience the amazing underwater world of the Caribbean Sea. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced as a fiver you can dive down to see the shipwrecks and vibrant living reefs off shore from your chartered dive boat. As an ancient volcanic island, St John’s many bays offer swimmers the best scuba diving spots in the USVI.
  • St John Island offers beginner, intermediate and experienced swimmers an array of opportunities to see the amazing underwater world of the Caribbean Sea. You can snorkel marked trails right from the beach at Trunk Bay.
  • Head out to the shops and enjoy a browse. There are shops to the Wharfside Village and the shops at Mongoose Junction has dozens of great shops open.
  • St John Island offers many ways to pamper you and your soul. Any one of the salons, spas and independent massage therapists on the island can help boost your spirit and ease any pain you have.
  • Historical sites. There are several sites on the island that you won’t want to miss including the Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins, Catherineberg Sugar Mill Ruins, Sugar Factory Ruis at Cinnamon Bay, Peace Hill – the former site of the Christ of the Caribbean statue with remaining windmill ruins.

Whatever you decide to do during your holiday ensure you head to the many beaches and top up that tan. You don’t have to stay indoors just cover with the right sunscreen to ensure that you don’t burn!

Why You Should Let Your Second Home

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When you move home, you normally have to sell your current property, especially if you need the money to buy a new one with http://www.restlessearth.com. But there are occasions when it makes practical or financial sense to keep the old home. If you rent your old house out rather than sell it, you could end up over time with a valuable asset that generates a regular income. When does renting out the old home make sense? If you are just moving temporarily, perhaps for work reasons, and you want to keep open the option of moving back to your old house. If it is a good rental property, and you are confident that property prices are going to rise – and you have enough money that you do not have to sell your old one to fund buying the new home

What do you think will happen to property prices?16

This is the critical question. If property prices are rising, then clearly there is a massive financial advantage to building up a property portfolio – you get the capital gains on more than one property. But if property prices are falling, then you old home will go down in value, and certainly in the short term you would probably be better off selling it. However, in the long term property prices invariably rise (along with economic growth and incomes), and so if you are planning to keep your old home for many years, then you shouldn’t worry about a short term dip in prices.

Will your mortgage company let you?

You need to check the small print of your mortgage. Most mortgages include a clause that does not let you rent out your house, while some let you do it for up to a year, and others have clauses that allow you to rent it out if you are moving for a limited period for work and intend to move back.

How can I finance two properties?

Clearly, you should only consider doing this if you are financially secure, and financially literate – if you are already stretched, and not confident dealing with financial matters, then you could end up really regretting it. You are more likely to be able to buy a new property while keeping your old one if you have major equity in your existing property, and a sufficient income to easily finance the mortgage on your new property. If you need to raise the deposit for the new property with http://www.restlessearth.com you can then do that by increasing the mortgage on your existing home, the payments for which should be covered by the rental income. You will then need to take out a second residential mortgage on your new home, the payments for which would be covered by your normal work income. You will then have two mortgages, one on each property, covered by the rental income and your normal income

Best English Heritage Sites

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Deciding to take a trip to the Garden of England, as Kent is affectionately referred to, is something everyone should do at least once if they are a UK resident. Visiting the Lullingstone Roman Villa or Dover Castle along with the historic Home of Charles Darwin (who was born in Shrewsbury but lived in Kent) are just some of the many historic sites that are on offer. There are a lot of hotels large chains and small bed and breakfasts across Kent and if you want to venture further down from Kent to Battle in East Sussex, heading down to the sites for the Battle of Hastings is always an excellent day out! Across the country, English Heritage cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites. The properties you can visit in Kent range from Roman Forts and Medieval Castles to the Cold War bunker. England’s rich history unfolds and comes to life across these historic sites and you can experience the impressive themed events throughout the year with English Heritage.

3560164215_700d477f7c_zPlanning your journey you should ensure that you keep change in the car for the Dartford Crossing as it is a toll bridge. Booking into a bed and breakfast like kingsheadrye.co.uk is a better idea than just a day trip as you can plan a lot more to visit. Taking a drive down to Kent’s iconic White Cliffs of Dover to see the Castle doesn’t take too long as is a fantastic day out. Dover Castle has stood on the White Cliffs commanding the gateway to the realm for centuries. The Great Tower that stands tall in the heart of the Castle was created by King Henry II and his throne was placed there as well as his court. Dover Castle is just dripping in history and deep inside the castle foundations are the Secret Wartime tunnels where you can witness the miracles of Dunkirk.

Visiting historic monuments can be a fun and fascinating day out for all the family and taking a picnic along means you can sit on the sweeping lawns and gardens around each site and enjoy the scenery while you eat. English Heritage always put on events nearby to their sites that surround re-enactments and knight shows which feature jousting. There are indoor activities to do on a rainy day as well as outdoor visits and the English Heritage sites allow a yearly membership option that gives you unlimited access to over four hundred historic places where you can live and breathe the story of England. Kids go free for up to six children per adult which is fantastic for those summer holidays where being trapped inside is the end of the world for a ten year old.

Ultimately taking the whole family out somewhere they can really enjoy themselves is the key and that is what you get with English Heritage sites in Kent and across the South East.

The Finest Christmas Markets Around

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Going to a Christmas market – or several Christmas markets, really – are somewhat of a tradition for a lot of people. The atmosphere, smells and general excitement and merriment that you find at a Christmas market are something quite unique and are really something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. The season to start decking the halls and serve up homemade gingerbread men and mulled wine is very nearly upon us and to kick off your Christmas shopping you should take a winter break to get those special presents sorted for family.

Stalls around Christmas markets are heavy with wine, meat and roasting chestnuts. You’ve just got to get involved! There’s nothing like the festive atmosphere of a Christmas market whether that be at home or abroad. Whether you are travelling abroad or staying nearer to home, we’ve put together our top destinations in a two part guide that will get you right in the festive spirit.


  • London: Absolutely dripping in history, there are two main destinations to embrace the festive spirit – the Southbank and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Companies such as www.door2tour.com put together some excellent and exciting Christmas market breaks and promising a wide range of traditional chalets to shop from you are guaranteed to find everything you need on your shopping list. Winter Wonderland which is set in London’s famous Hyde Park and is free to enter. It does get a little busy as expected but full of rides, stalls and Father Christmas, it’s the way to go for a Christmas market break. London itself seems to come alive with magic during the winter, with its exciting Christmas lights along Oxford Street and the Selfridges and Hamleys Christmas displays and smells of roasting chestnuts along the Thames.
  • Paris: Arguably best in the spring time, Paris is unsurprisingly charming in the cooler months as well. With an array of boutique stalls illuminated with colourful festive lighting the shops are a myriad of Christmas market galore. Booking a break with com means that you are choosing an affordable break with a festive fling. Not to be missed is the La Defense, the chic and ultra-modern centre of the capital. Straight in the old heart of Paris you will be surrounded by Saint-Germain-des-Pres with over three hundred wooden chalets offering a large variety of Christmas crafts and stunningly delicious cuisine. It’s an exciting time of year every year but for your family, you could book yourselves a stunning break in one of the most romantic cities in the world.
  • Nuremburg: It may be hard to spell but the Christkindlesmarkt Nuremberg is set in the magical Main Market Square with over one hundred and eighty market stalls, with some dating back as far as the late eighteen hundreds. If you love gingerbread – or Lebkuchen as it’s called in German – this is the place to buy as much as you can cram into your suitcase. If you prefer a meatier affair, Nuremberg take their sausage very seriously! Some of the recipes they have date back to the early fourteen hundreds and are definitely not to be missed. A great place for food lovers out there, this charming Christmas market is well worth a visit in the most magical months of the year.


Why Go With A Serviced Apartment?

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There are a lot of websites popping up all over the net that promise a decent accommodation. Air BNB is the current trendy website for those who wish to go abroad but book themselves a home away from home type accommodation rather than the traditional hotel. We’re all about stepping out of the box so exploring the reasons to use serviced apartments such as apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au is the perfect subject matter. Honestly, have you ever booked holiday accommodation online and encountered a virtual lounge? Usually these types of sites tend to happen with travel so airports and check in for train travel etc. there are serviced apartments out there that offer a huge online lounge service so you can book your stay quickly and efficiently from the comfort of your current house. Parking, early arrival times and even the equipment you may need for a baby are all available for you to book from this virtual lounge. If you are travelling for a celebration then making a point of booking chocolates and champagne on arrival is also there for you. It’s quick, it’s convenient and as tourist all you want is quick and convenient!


As a tourist, you’ll need comfort in a fantastic location so your apartments being serviced for you on your arrival should help after a long flight. You would hate to walk into a hotel room and find the bed unmade and the mini fridge not stocked and the worst thing? Getting to accommodation only to discover that you can’t even check in as the check in has shut and the desk is empty. Last minute hotel anyone? No, we didn’t think so either. Finding that convenient time to check in is easy enough with a serviced apartment with an online lounge and apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au is the place to visit to book extra services on top of your actual booking. Out of 140 places, Melbourne was voted as the most awesome place to live so it’s not a surprise that you would be able to enjoy a fantastic holiday in a beautiful location. Melbourne is a melting pot of food and drink from different cultures around the world and we have information in the apartments to help you find your way round. Did you know that Fosters was born in Melbourne? Yep, the world famous Aussie beer was produced here first.

It’s the little things that matter when it comes to your apartment but common courtesies are still important to apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au and having rules to adhere to – let’s be fair here, common manners and courtesy rather than rules – keeps buildings calm and happy; the way your holiday should be. Apartments are generally in primarily residential areas and guests always must abide by noise abatement conditions. We will always treat you and your family with the utmost respect and that’s mutual for us so you can have the best out of your stay. You need to be able to get the most out of your stay especially if you are a large group or a large family up to six people. We meet and greet all our guests; the personal touch means a lot!

Should You Choose A Gap Year?

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Deciding whether or not to go to university with your friends, or have a break from education can be rather a large decision as you embark on the next chapter of your life. A gap year isn’t all song and dance and there is a balance to perfect as to whether or not you decide to actually return to education at the end of it. The possibilities may be endless but the choice to go to university at the appropriate time for you is a crucial decision to make. Going with your friend’s means you could socialise and learn with those your own age and going later in your life as a mature student can make such a difference. However, in saying that, congratulations on passing you’re A Levels!

One day you are told you must ask permission to go to the bathroom and the next you are making huge life altering decisions for yourself. If you chose4756831209_34f5b00324_z not to go ahead and study straight away, the best option to gain some valuable life experience is a gap year. For this you can choose to go as far abroad as you would like! Being a part of working in and experiencing a phenomenal city such as Melbourne with a ton of things to see, places to visit and jobs to be done, you can guarantee that your working holiday visa will go a long way. Get online and book accommodation at apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au for that home away from home experience. Pack your bag and get on that plane while we give you the reasons why Melbourne is the place to see during your gap year!

  • Melbourne has been voted “The Most Liveable City in the World” for more than three years running. There’s a reason for this! Excellent food, excellent places, excellent people and Melbourne just continues to excel.
  • You can walk through history here, literally. St Paul’s Cathedral (not the one in London) can be seen from corners of Flinders Street and Swanston Street. Incidentally one of our fabulous apartment complexes is handily located on Flinders Street so if you’re looking for somewhere to stay that’s massively local to the best sites, head over to com.au. St Paul’s was built in the 1880s so you can really appreciate the history under your feet. If you’re going to be studying history it’ll interest you and even if you’re not, why not learn something new about a time centuries ago?
  • Gap year students tend to be…let’s say financially disadvantaged, hence the reason for a working holiday visa. So the best thing to hear about a city is free transport right? Right! The City Circle Tram is actually one of the best ways to get around and it won’t cost you a thing. They run every Sunday through to Wednesday from 10am-6pm and Thursday to Saturday 10am-9pm.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are 8 or 18, everyone loves to see giraffes and large mammals and where better place for a day off than Melbourne Zoo? A little fun fact for you is that it’s actually Australia’s oldest zoo and has more than 350 different species of animal.



3 Ways to Enjoy A Luxury Ski Chalet Getaway

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Spending your holiday or vacation days in a luxury chalet is a fun way to relax and enjoy your holiday. It is a good getaway, especially for people who want to run from the busy life for a moment. It is also a good place to spend some quality time with your significant other or even your whole family. If you want to know how will you 100% enjoy the vacation in a luxury catered ski chalet holiday, then here are some ways that may help you.


1. Have a good time while skiing
Skiing is a fun activity, and when you go for a holiday break in a luxury ski chalet, then it is a must to try skiing out. If you are not the adventurous type of person, then it is totally fine to get scared and be nervous, but once you already tried skiing out, your perception to adventure will surely change. One way to enjoy your vacation in a luxury ski chalet is to try as much as possible all the activities offered so that you will experience many things on that vacation and the money you spend for it will be all worth it.

2. Food is a must to try when in a luxury ski chalet
Another way to enjoy your holiday in a luxury ski chalet is to try the food they serve to their guests. Luxury chalet is known to provide good quality food so never miss the chance to devour into it. They serve a variety of food that will make you feel pampered and happy. They serve even desserts like cakes to their guests. So always remember that when you are spending your holiday in a luxury ski chalet, the gourmet ski holiday breaks is a must try.

3. Savor the moment of your holiday or vacation
The final way to enjoy your holiday in a luxury ski chalet is just to savor the moment while you are there. Forget about your problems or anything that bothers you. Just have fun, meet new people in the chalet, pamper your self with good service, taste delicious food that will instantly make you happy, and most of all, be thankful for the moment. Having a holiday is surely a getaway from the real world and for you to enjoy it. For a moment, you must not think about other things but only have fun.

Bottom line, if you want to enjoy your holiday in a luxury ski chalet, then you can apply these three ways that may help you out. Enjoying a vacation is not a big problem to most people. But if you think that you need some advice to help you savoring the moment of your holiday, then this article may aid you with that. Just remember that when you start packing your things and getting in the car or any vehicle that will transport you to your holiday destination, the holiday adventure starts right there ad then. So make it count.

Top 5 Things You Should Do Before Travelling To Melbourne

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Australia is a big country and in fact known as the 6th largest country in the world. There is so much to explore in Australia and one of it is going to Melbourne. Melbourne have some interesting places to go and that is why there are a lot of people who are interested to come to Australia to explore its beauty and wonder and a good starting point is Melbourne. If you come along with love ones then this place is a perfect place to go honeymoon or family bonding. But before anything else before you go for a trip in Melbourne there are important things you need to prepare in order to make your trip successful. Below are the following

Plan You Stay

First and foremost, before going to certain place you will need to plan what is your reason why you go to Melbourne is it for personal? Or business matter? Either of the two, it is part of traveling that you will explore the places and have some fun as well. If you are planning to stay for good then you will need to properly decide which places in Melbourne you are going to stay, perhaps the ones that will suit your budget and the availability of the shops around including establishment in case you will need to find a job soon. Write down the important things that you will need before you arrive at the place.

Get a Visa

open-1309682__180Unless you are Australian citizen then no need  to process your visa, but if you are a foreigner and on a tourist vacation or perhaps visiting a friend, family in the country, then you will need to process your visa in order to get in the country. There are different types of visa, apply which one that suits your purpose. It may take you a few months to process or it may be quick but as long as your visit is legitimate and for a good cause then no worries about getting stop at the immigration.

Book for A Plane Ticket

Once you get your visa, then the next step you will do is to book for a plane ticket. Check available dates with low rates, or you can check out websites that compare prices for different airline companies. Also travel agencies are good place to ask for available cheap tickets so in case there are problems with your flight you can just call on them.

Book an Accommodation


Accommodation is also one of the important things you will need to do before you arrive in Melbourne, basically you don’t want to arrive there and search for the accommodation, and you know you will be very tired in the long hours of flight. So it is important to find first an accommodation such as family holiday accommodation Melbourne if you are with family, convention centre accommodation in Melbourne or simply looking at holiday accommodation in Melbourne for available accommodation for your trip.

And lastly, once you have all the things in place, prepare your baggage and enjoy your trip!

What is in with River Thames?

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Stress is a kind of phenomena that is unavoidable. Every day, we tend to over work our body and will plainly result to the weakening of one’s body and mind. We have to always remember that once in a while, we should reward our self and engaged it to a more fun activity that will surely wipe away the negative vibes flowing around us. And one way on how to positively deal with stress is through experiencing boating hoildays in River Thames or hire a barge in London.

The River Thames is best known in the whole wide world because of its river passing through London’s renowned destinations and landmarks namely the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Houses of Parliament. This will surely captivate your senses because of its scenery it has to offer. Now, what are the other places that are along the River Thames? Check this out!

iStock_000006600801XSmallNumber One: Richmond

 It is always enjoying and a fun place to visit Richmond because of its unique and ethically made products. In this place you can find street food that will surely captivate your sense of taste because of its taste that will define the culture of the place, they also have artisan crafts and the most lively presentation they have is they provide tourist a live music too. Such a great things and activities offered in the place. They also have cosmopolitan riverside that can be moseyed along and has stop offs for restaurant and bars with views of the river. The place also provide independent shops for you to be able to purchase some of their known products.

KingstonviewSvetlanaRytchkova Number Two: Kingston

 This place has a sort of mixture of shops, restaurants and markets for tourists. If you want to shop, Kingston has an amazing vast choice of their popular high street shops located at Bentalls Centre. You will be enjoying the different products offered and will make you remember the place. Next, they have a restaurant that has a overlooking view of the river. It is a place ideal for European cuisine, if you are looking for any. They also have a pub, a bbq store and a riverside bar. They also have a market place with a variety of choices of street foods, food stalls, meat, fruits and vegetable stalls.


Number Three: Hampton Court Palace

This is a place to explore the atmospheric surroundings of the palace. Also, historical characters are found which will reminisce the golden age of history. Other than that, cafe bars and restaurants that can be found across the bridge and a pub. These places are only a 5 minute walk and is not that hassle to roam around.


Number Four: River Cruises between Richmond, Kingston & Hampton Court     Palace

An additional boat tour is also possible. You can always purchase tickets on board or outside deck on each boat.

Truly, River Thames is a one way to relieve your stress and enjoy nature family bonds and places you do not usually see everyday.

Etiquette for Caravan Sites for a More Enjoyable Holiday

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If you want your caravan holidays in North Wales to become more enjoyable both for you and the people around you, then there are certain behaviors and etiquette that you need to remember. This will definitely help you make the most out of your holiday. So read the tips that we have in this article to find out what these behaviors and etiquette are.

SportUnleash-Father-and-son-playing-footballIf you want to play ball with your kids or friends, it is important that you play ball games away from the caravans. Take the time to find out during the start of your stay at the park to find out where you can play ball with your friends or kids. A lot of caravan owners are worried about a ball hitting their caravans and ruining it. This is a valid point because purchasing a caravan does not come cheap.

It is a big no-no to cut across the pitch of other people when you walk around the park. Going to the toilet or to the shower will not even excuse you from this rule. It might get you to your destination much faster but you need to remember that you need to take the paths and roads set in place. Taking shortcuts across people’s pitch is a good way of invading their privacy. Would you like the others to do the same to you?

Leave the toilet and showers in a state that you expect to find them. You may be on a holiday and you might have paid for this trip but this does not mean that you do not need to clean up after your mess. You should always clean up after your mess so that it will be ready for the next person to use. In some parks, you will find mops and buckets that you can use to clean up the toilet and shower rooms.

Just like the toilet and shower areas, sinks for washing-up and laundry must be kept clean at all times. Washing-up sinks should be used for washing up only and the laundry sink should be used for your laundry. Do not leave behind food in the sink and keep them in a state that you expect to find these sinks. If the sinks are still being used by others, wait in line for your turn.

imagesdogKeep your pet under control if you will be bringing one along. There may be others in the park who might not like animals the way you do. There are sites who also have a policy of keeping dogs on a leash at all times. Specific areas are also designated for walking your dogs so make sure you use that place. Do not forget to clean up your dog’s mess too when you take him or her out for a walk.

If you have a radio that you want to listen to or television to watch your shows on, make sure that you keep the volume low so that it does not reach the caravan of the other vacationers. Do not forget that they are on a holiday for some peace and quiet and not to listen to the blaring sounds of your television or radio.

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