The Stress of Moving House

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This is why you hire professionals - they know what they're doing.

Some say that moving house is one of the most stressful life events so being prepared is half the battle. We’ve put together a brilliant checklist for you so that you can remember what to do when it comes to moving home.

If you haven’t chosen a company to move with then you should make sure you have everything ready for yourself. Decide on a moving day, which if you are selling a house is usually the completion date of the sale. As soon as the contracts have been exchanged, your move will start so make sure you are ready. Try and avoid moving on a bank holiday weekend if you can help it and even a Friday, as you will find that movers like are in high demand and will be stretched for time as well as charging more money. Moving midweek tends to mean off-peak prices which are kinder on the wallet. Call in a great professional company or ask friends and family who have recently moved to recommend a firm.

Any top moving company such as will tell you to ensure you are insured for your move. Your things are going to be worth some money and making sure that you are backed up should any accidents happen is the best thing you could possibly do for your move. The money you spent on your appliances and sofas isn’t small change and because of this, insuring the items and wrapping them correctly can cover you if anything tumbles over in the moving van. Hire in some professional cleaners to thoroughly go over your houses: the one you move into and the one you are moving from. Some removal companies can arrange to do this but others won’t have this service available to you. No one wants to arrive and move things into a dirty house!

Keep in mind William Morris’ interior design mantra that “everything must either be useful or beautiful” and ensure that you have a clear out before the removal firm arrives to assist in packing and moving. Valuable items that are no longer needed can be auctioned or sold to a dealer in second hand furnishings. Other items can be donated to a charity shop or recycled. Get someone to look after the children for the day if you have any and the same goes for pets. Book them into kennels or a cattery and make sure their new address is loaded into the microchips or identity tags. Compile a fact file of people moving into your property and get the appropriate number of keys cut and ready. Have instruction leaflets for any built in appliances ready on the countertop in the kitchen so they’re to hand for the new people in the house.

Ultimately moving house doesn’t have to be stressful if you have planned everything correctly and given the right instructions to the right people on time.

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