How to Cheat at Craps

Craps game

Craps is a beloved table game that keeps players at the edge of their seats. Over the years many forms of cheating at Craps have come to be, some legal and some not. We will cover them in this article, so keep reading!

The Craps Cheating Method

Last year, a wooden dice was found on the streets of Norway’s city of Bergen. It looked like any other, except it had weird numbers on it — two fives, two fours, a three, and a six. After extensive research made by the Norwegian archeologists, it was found that this dice was used over 600 years ago in Craps game as a method of cheating.

To this day, players around the world are attempting to master the casino dice games such as Craps. Considering that the Craps table gathers around some of the most superstitious players, it is not surprising that this game created many skillful casino dice cheaters.

Cheating the casino when playing any of the games is frowned upon since it takes away a lot of this game’s appeal. Having that dice in your hand, and knowing that it can decide your winnings easily make you second guess your decisions. Additionally, it will probably make you turn to cheating strategies as an attempt to control the randomness. We will go through all of them in the following passages, so read along.

Dangerous Moves

Craps Cheating MethodOne of the most popular cheating methods when playing Craps was called Past Posting. It was commonly used, but it became notorious after one player was caught using it, and ended up being sentenced to 25 years in jail!

Basically, this method consists of putting the chips on the winning number after the dice has already landed. It is very disrupting and unfair to everyone involved, as you can imagine. Aside from the obvious disadvantages, when you bet after the results are already shown, you are cheating both the casino and other players, and the game itself. This takes away the excitement of uncertainty.

Furthermore, some other methods of cheating were used over the years — such as a loaded dice for example. Namely, the players would use a dice that was tampered with to become heavier, in order to make sure it will land on certain numbers. The casino employees are frequently checking the dice and the numbers written on them before the game starts. They also check the dice after it accidentally falls off the table, just to make sure it wasn’t switched with a cheating Craps dice.

Dice Control

Considering that number 7 is the most common one to come up when you roll the dice, but it doesn’t always bring you a win, many players try to decrease the chances of rolling this number. This move is not considered cheating, but the casinos still frown upon it. It is against the basic principle of randomness that applies to all casino games.

Basically, the shooter is holding the dice in a certain way before throwing it, so the numbers they want to get are faced up. Next, the player will throw them in a way they bump into each other in the air, but never actually turn. By doing so, the dice will land in the same position, depicting the number the player intended. This method takes a lot of practice to master, so keep that in mind.

Moreover, many experts compare this method with card counting in Blackjack. It does not have the same characteristics of course since it’s an entirely different game. Rather, it isn’t considered cheating, but the casino employees still hate it. You can try this method, but many casino professionals will ask you to throw the dice differently at any time in order to prevent controlled throws from happening.

Free Odd Bets

The Free Odd bets are quite popular among the players, especially if they are starting out at this game. Namely, these bets do not have a house edge, so they are pretty safe. Not only that, but when you add this bet to your original one, the overall edge drops — which is why this will be applied to all of your Free Odd Bets. Additionally, they can be placed or removed at any time after the come out roll.

Mean Streak

Mean StreakAlthough streaks are not proven to exist in Craps, many experts claim they are possible to achieve, and that you should learn how to spot a shooter with streaks. By following their lead, you can win a pretty sweet amount of money.

And how do you spot a mean streak? Well, that’s pretty easy — you just go for a table that has the players jumping up and down, and loudly cheering while celebrating their victory. However, you should keep in mind that this probably means that the shooter is using some of the methods we explained above, and that the streak can end at any time.


As you can see, cheating in Craps is considered to be very deplorable, not to mention it can even get you to jail. It really takes away from the appeal of the game, especially if you consider how dedicated the players are, and how heated a game can become. From positioning the dice in a certain way and shifting your hand to adjust your throw, you can try a lot of things to beat the game of Craps.

Bear in mind that all games are designed in a way they cannot be beaten, otherwise they wouldn’t be so fun to play. So instead of cheating, try focusing on your game. If you’re a superstitious person, you can pray to the Gods of good fortune to keep the luck on your side. Have fun!

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